Rock Cabin

Our small loft on the cliff, the "Rock Cabin", stands on the foundation of an old barn and has recently been lovingly and ecologically modernised.

The light-filled Rock Cabin is elevated above the wild, romantic natural setting that surrounds it on the 6 ha large property. The cabin can be reached by a path along the cliff face, which leads to a stone staircase.  Guests enter the house via a glass side door to stand at the centre of a 56 m² large room featuring an open kitchen, a wood-burning stove, a couch and chairs, a dining table, built-in cabinets, and a separate bath. All of the furniture and materials have been carefully selected for you.

The building has been converted to a loft in a natural setting and has its own separate entrance with a small meadow and a view of the property's own forest. Inside, you sleep elevated at 3.5 metres on an original futon on tatami mats.